Pinball Digital was founded by journalist, turned PR and digital consultant, Hannah Emanuel. Hannah’s background spans 15 years of working on digital projects writing for a raft of national magazines, websites and news services, with experience in both consumer facing and business to business journalism. As an independent consultant, she translated this into generating compelling creative content as marketing and PR for great brands and bands.

Pinball Digital came about because we felt bored by people putting promotion in one box or another. PR, digital, social, editorial, marketing. What it essentially boils down to is gaining control of your own profile and maximising it to benefit your commercial and artistic goals without compromising your identity, right? That’s what we thought.

We’re not going to spout marketing garb at you. We’re not going to bore you with powerpoint presentations. What we’re interested in is connecting you with your fans and consumer base by whatever creative means necessary.

We have a brilliantly imaginative and experienced team who make each campaign a constantly evolving, exciting and effective piece of work.

We create campaigns people actually want to talk about, share, engage with and act upon. It’s not that hard once you cut all the crap.