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Pinball Digital has been working with Kasabian for the last five years on their complete digital strategy, from their website and promotions for ticket sales to their social media accounts. We’ve launched two number one albums with the band and given fans live coverage from a headline set at Glastonbury and two world tours. The spread of their digital fanbase and what the band has learned about how their fans interact and behave digitally and commercially online in that time has been incredibly interesting.

When we started working with the band, their social media analytics echoed the fanbase perceived by their record label. They had a largely UK and male fanbase with small pockets in other places, like a bit of a following in Japan. A few years later with us specifically concentrating on tailored outreach to Europe and South America, The UK makes up less than half of their worldwide spread with Mexico and Italy their second and third largest followings. Their fans are now split 43% Female 57% Male.

We are currently working with the band on the launch of their new album later this year.